How to Prepare Your Home for Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood flooring in Burnaby can be challenging to install, especially if you don’t know what to do and you haven’t prepared for it beforehand. Before your scheduled installation for Hardwood Flooring in Burnaby BC, make sure you do the following steps first:

Metrotown Floors

  1. Plan for the dust problem that is going to happen in your home.

Contractors like Metro Town Floors will make sure to mitigate this problem but you can also do your part in preventing dust from flying everywhere in your house by sealing off rooms that will not be affected by the installation. Place plastic over the edges of the doors and seal them off with a masking tape.

  1. Uninstall doors on areas that will require flooring installation.

This will make it easier for the flooring installers to work. It will also prevent any damages that might be inflicted on your doors.

  1. Do you have baseboards? Remove it first.

If you want to preserve your baseboards, remove them first. Most contractors sew through them. Unless you want to install new baseboards, which can be ideal if you are renovating, you should consider removing the baseboards first.

  1. Set up a space for cutting.

If you want it done outside, make sure there is an outlet where they will have to work. It should also be a place where dust won’t be a problem.

Talk to your flooring installers about how you can best install your hardwood flooring. This is to avoid mistakes and to make the work more efficient.

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