How to Remove Tiles without Breaking Your Drywall

Old tiles are quite straightforward to remove. But one of the challenges to getting this job done is avoiding damaging the drywall. If you put a hole on your existing drywall, you will have to spend more money installing a new one.

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Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Use the right tools for grout removal.

Removing grout will take up a lot of your time. An impatient person might rush the job, carelessly breaking the drywall. What you should do is use the right grout removal tools. You can either opt for manual tools such as a manual grout tool that looks like an ice pick or oscillating tools such as a rotary grout remover. Also buy a heat gun. This will help loosen up the caulk to make grout easier to remove.

  1. Check what kind of adhesive is used for the tiles.

If a thinset is used, using a putty knife with a wide blade should help remove the tiles. If the tiles are adhered using mortar, you have no choice but to break the tiles. You will also have to even out the mortar remnants.

  1. If there are adhesive remnants, use an oscillating tool to even it out.

If the adhesive is mastic, your putty knife should suffice in evening out the surface.

Once you are done with tile removal and drywall preparation, you can go to tile stores in Burnaby to find the right tile replacement. New and updated designs and technologies are available at Tile Stores in Burnaby BC such as Metro Town Floors.

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