3 Laminate Flooring Maintenance Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Laminate flooring in Burnaby, just like all other types of flooring, will require regular cleaning and maintenance. This type of flooring typically lasts for a long time even with little maintenance but you still would want to make the extra effort in keeping it in great condition to make the most out of your investment.

Metrotown Floors

But in your bid to ensure perfect Laminate flooring in Burnaby all the time, you might be committing some common flooring maintenance mistakes. Here are some of them:

  1. Using too much water when cleaning.

Laminate flooring can be treated with water to get rid of dirt and stains. However, be stingy on the water. You do not want to pour too much of it on your flooring as the excess moisture can get in between the planks and can cause damages to your flooring. Use water sparingly and only when necessary.

  1. Using floor cleaners not intended for laminate.

Not all cleaners you might have at home can be used for your flooring. Use only the recommended products. Or if you have a glass cleaner at home devoid of ammonia, you can also add a few tablespoons of it to water. Dishwashing soap can be a good substitute too.

  1. Sweeping or vacuuming too often.

This can cause scratches or might dull out the natural shine of your laminate flooring. When sweeping or vacuuming, opt for soft-bristled brushes and attachments instead. Also try not to sweep or vacuum all the time.

After getting your laminate flooring from the best suppliers such as Metro Town Floors, it is up to you to keep it in great shape. Know which products to use and how to use them to avoid damaging your flooring.

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