Hardwood Flooring – To Replace or to Refinish?

One of the things you immediately see when you walk into a house is the flooring. This is why choosing the right flooring is very important. It creates a base for the interior of your house.

Hardwood flooring in Burnaby is a great and timeless option. It also adds more value to your house. But if the house you moved in comes with hardwood flooring that is scratched up and uneven, is it still worth holding on to?

Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Hardwood flooring in Burnaby is usually worth the time, effort and money according to experts.

There are many expert contractors who are capable of Refinishing hardwood flooring, changing damaged areas and breathing more life into the old flooring. It’s just a matter of choosing the right contractor to do the job. With enough experience such as Metro Town Floors, your old hardwood flooring can be restored properly.

  1. It depends on your perception of beauty.

There may be some people who just can’t deal with scratches on the flooring. If you are the type to nit-pick every flaw of your flooring, replacing might be the best option for you.

  1. Know more about the details of the hardwood flooring.

It might be a good idea to research more about the house. Hardwood flooring can last for up to 30 years before it will need refinishing. And even then, it will require at least 6 times more refinishing to finally warrant a replacement. Know how long the flooring has been around so you can identify its lifespan and arrive at a better decision.

There are many ways to restore hardwood flooring and Restore Laminate flooring so make sure you hold onto this flooring for a long while before deciding to replace. If you choose the right contractors, your flooring can go back to its former glory.

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